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Our objective is to provide as much knowledge, integrity, pride and safety in our work as we expect from others.



Mr. Knoll is a honorary “Associate Staff Member” of the Office Pipeline Safety
Member of the Tennessee Gas Association
Member of the “Gild of Ancient Supplers”
Served on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Gas Association and the Tennessee Gas Association

Mr. John A. Knoll of Odorization Solutions initially trained at Natural Gas Odorizing “NGO” where he obtained operations and laboratory analysis experience. Sales training was done with senior salesman. During this period, extensive testing was performed throughout the U.S.A. on many of the major gas systems. Much knowledge was gained on all aspects of the natural gas industry as a result of these travels.

Mr. Knoll moved from Houston, Texas to Pensacola, Florida in the fall of 1977 having acquired the ten State area of the Southeast. He realized the need to pay close attention to the customer’s individual needs. At the request of his customers, he has given numerous presentations to many gas industry functions, some of which have been published. He has organized three gas seminars in the Pensacola area with attendees from as far away as Kansas. To further assist customers with their needs regarding safety, proper handling, and usage of the product, he has designed, and/or consulted in the design of numerous odorization stations. This included recommendation of new measurement/regulation equipment, or changes to existing equipment. Proper odorization requires knowledge of measurement and pressure control with correct implementation of all these items.

In addition, Mr. Knoll designed the trailer and transfer equipment with procedures currently in use by the following companies: Alabama Gas Corp. Atmos Energy, Centerpoint Energy, Chattanooga Gas, Atlanta Gas Light, Wilmot Gas & Oil, New Orleans Public Service.

Mr. Knoll has also served as an expert witness in a Federal Court Case that had a verdict in favor of the gas company.

Mr. Knoll founded Odorization Solutions Incorporated in January 2002.  OSI expanded in the fall of 2002 with the addition of John P. Knoll who has displayed full knowledge of all aspects of natural gas odorization.

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